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Boho Vibes Hair Tie Set, Feathers, Turquoise Solid and Pink Velvet


Product Type: Scrunchie
Weight: 4.0 oz
Vendor: Pilboxx

Style: Feathers (Single)
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Boho vibes hair tie set for women, handmade from soft and stretchy knit, plush velvet and solid textured fabric. Wear your hair up with confidence that it won't break off your beautiful strands. The inside of my hair ties is made securely with flat, quality knit elastic sewn together inside, giving it a long life! These are all completely machine washable and can go in the drier, so throw it in with your regular clothing. They won't stretch, fade or lose its shape. And when you're not wearing them in your hair, they look great on your wrist.

One size: approximately 2" wide with up to 8" of stretch, great for thin and thick hair alike.